All About Horses

The horse is a common animal kept in pastures and barns around the country.

This animal has a long-standing relationship with humans and was once the main form of transportation.

What You Should Know

Currently, there are more than 300 breeds of horses. They are available in many sizes, colors and contain numerous skills. The hot blood horse is known as a faster breed. It’s meant for racing and speed. The cold bloods are bred for heavy work and strength. Warmbloods combine the two and are used in riding competitions.

The horse is a grazing animal. It likes to eat grass and hay. They also consume beans, peas, carrots, and apples. Some owners feed the horse grains such as oats or corn.

What Sound Do They Make?

The horse is a vocal animal. It makes a variety of sounds to let others know what it is trying to say. Sighing often means relief or boredom. A groaning noise is an indication of pain. The soft sound made with the horse’s lips closed is called a nicker. This can be excitement or fear, depending on the situation. When the horse snorts or blows, it indicates deep anticipation. A horse’s traditional neighing sound occurs when it is happy and enjoying life.

Listen to some familiar horse sounds with this video.

Group Characteristics

The horse becomes mature between the ages of three and five years old, depending on the breed. A horse’s gestation period is 11 months. Most mares produce one foal each time, but twins and triplets do occur. This foal is weaned at six months old.

The horse’s life span depends on the care it receives and what it is used for. Most horses live to be at least 20 to 25 years old. Ponies will live longer than a large horse.

How Many are There?

There aren’t many wild horses left in the world. Some exceptions include the Przewalski’s Horses found in Mongolia and China. They’ve been classified as endangered. Other wild horses came from domesticated breeds. These are referred to as feral horses.

Watch a Video

Some horse breeds are more magnificent looking than others. Here is a video highlighting some of the most beautiful horses.

There’s also a compilation of funny horse videos that will make your day brighter.

Pop Culture

The list of horses in pop culture is endless. In literature, most people know about horse books such as Black Beauty, Flicka, The Black Stallion, and The Horse Whisperer. It’s also common to use horses in movies. Some memorable titles include The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, True Grit, Dances with Wolves and most any Western ever made. In television, horses are also found in western-set shows as well as The Lone Ranger, Heartland, and Parks and Recreation. Horses also gained a following thanks to toys such as My Little Pony and some Beanie Babies.

Interesting Facts

Horses sleep both lying down and standing up.

They have a great sense of hearing, sight, and balance.

The horse relies on four basic gaits while moving. This includes walking, trotting, cantering and galloping.

Horses were first domesticated by humans around 4000 B.C.

People with disabilities find horse riding to be therapeutic.

Horses have played a vital role in warfare throughout all of history. They are still used by several police forces in the country.

The horse hoof must be clipped. It never stops growing. A farrier is someone that specializes in taking care of the horse’s hooves and putting on new shoes.

The horse has larger eyes than any other mammal living on land.

A male horse is called a stallion, while a female horse is a mare. The young male is known as a colt while the young female is known as a filly.