All About Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs were part of a large group of reptiles that first appeared during the Triassic period.

While they’ve been extinct for many years, there’s still a lot to learn about these fascinating creatures. Scientists work hard at putting together the pieces of this mysterious creature.

What You Should Know

About a hundred million years ago, the dinosaur inhabited many areas of the world. They lived in dusty plains and dense forests. While they lived in plains, the grass had not yet evolved, so the ground was covered with prehistoric plants and ferns. In the wetland areas, dinosaurs ate primitive plants, otherwise known as horsetails. The riparian forest had vegetation and lush trees that grew along the marsh for dinosaurs.

With a desert habitat, the dinosaurs were forced to survive on very little. Three known dinosaurs to live in these extreme conditions included the Velociraptor, Oviraptor, and Protoceratops. In Polar regions, temperatures were warmer than they are today, making it easier for a variety of dinosaurs to live in that climate.

What Sound Do They Make?

Because we don’t have dinosaurs today, it’s difficult to know for sure what sounds they make. Some assumptions include bellows, moos, honks, roars, squeaks, snarls, grunts, hisses, snorts, and rumbles.

Here’s one thought of what it might have sounded like when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Group Characteristics

Dinosaurs laid eggs that were made of calcium carbonate. This made the shell hard. Most eggs were put into a nest. It’s also believed that dinosaurs cared for the young just like modern animals and birds. Still, there’s a lot that’s left unknown.

How Many are There?

Dinosaurs no longer exist. They went extinct about 65 million years ago after inhabiting the earth for 165 million years. The theories as to what happened to the dinosaurs continue, but there’s no definitive proof to claim one opinion is better than another.

Watch a Video

In this iconic documentary, When Dinosaurs Roamed America, you get a glimpse of what life might have been like for these beasts. This video is narrated by John Goodman.

Another documentary shares what it might have been like on the last day alive for dinosaurs.

Pop Culture

The list of movies and TV that feature dinosaurs is nearly endless. The animal is commonly used because of the world’s fascination with creatures that no longer exist. Some of the most popular titles include:

· The Flintstones

· Godzilla

· Ice Age movies

· Jurassic Park movies

· Land Before Time franchise

· The Lego Batman Movie

· Lego Movie 2

· Meet the Robinsons

· Night at the Museum movies

· Toy Story movies

Interesting Facts

Dinosaur means “Terrifying Lizard.” The name was invented in 1842 by Sir Richard Owen.

The oldest dinosaur that is known lived 228 million years ago. It was the Eoraptor.

Paleontologists believe that modern birds are surviving dinosaurs. If this is true, then dinosaurs aren’t truly extinct, but rather, living among us at all times.

The largest dinosaurs might have been longer than 100 feet and taller than 50 feet.

Some dinosaur species ate meat, while others only ate plants. Some walked on four legs, while others walked on two. The differences in appearance, habitat, and characteristics between the varying types of dinosaurs are endless.

Scientists believe there were more than 330 species of dinosaur, but the number continues to grow.

While it’s possible to replicate what the dinosaur structure looked like due to the bones found, we don’t know what color these animals were. There’s no way to document that information in the modern world. Everything shown on TV and in the media is purely speculation.